Rizzato Slitter Line

Rizzato Slitter Line

from 1550 x 4 mm

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The Rizzato slitter line carries out the longitudinal cut of the coils, obtaining black and pickled strips of different sizes.

The Line consists of a fixed loading cradle, a self-centering decoiler with overlapping steps.

The coils enter the roll opener and the infeed table of the pinch-roll, then it is de-tensioned in the straightener and cut with the cutting shear.

The sheet is cut again by the circular shear and passes into the felt tamper. Finally, the winder reel, the 4-arm carousel and the strip overturner allow you to rewind the strips.


Our sheets come from the best steel mills and are always equipped with a certificate and traceability of the material. Each package, once produced, shows the characteristics of origin: origin of the coil, production casting, number of sheets, weight, dimensions.